Automated Test Solutions is dedicated to improving quality and streamlining the process of your Business Environment. Our applications feature database integration, hardware integration, and automation software for every possible step of your business process.

Production costs and risk of error is greatly reduced. The possibilities for analyzing and reporting is greatly increased. Our staff is fully engadged in designing and providing reports, drawings, schematics, invoices, and bills of material upon request.

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Software Solutions.

Test Data handling, searching, and reporting will have unlimited expansion possibilities Led by its flagship Database/ATE software automation framework, ATS allows testers and developers alike to thoroughly test applications from a user’s perspective. Automated Test Solutions Services are both cost-effective and based on standard programming techniques and languages, making them ideal for development teams of all sizes.



Database Integration

Database integration allows your application to expand and ’get smarter’ with each use. All configurations and functions are derived from specific Database tables. All Data is saved and retrieved from specific Database tables. This allows for and extremely powerful flexible system that will adapt to any environment.

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Automated Solutions Robotics Lab is always experimenting with different technologies. This hand is made with 5 Servo motors controlled by pulse modulated signals generated by an Arduino microcontroller.